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At the core of our leasing business are Airbus and Boeing narrow and widebody passenger aircraft, as well as Pratt & Whitney, GE, IAE, and CFM engines. We offer high-quality engines and aircraft with beneficial lease and management/support conditions that ensure minimum downtime for your engine and responsive guidance through every aspect of the lease transaction.
Engine Leasing
  • Long term leases with clear and straightforward contracts
  • Short term leases for spare engine support
  • Avoid significant investment in acquisitions
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Narrow and widebody aircraft available
  • Range of configurations for Airbus and Boeing
  • Modify your fleet in response to changing market conditions
  • Protection from residual value risk
  • Sale and Leaseback
  • Extremely fast and easy transactions
  • Favorable lease rates
  • Remove huge balance sheet line items
  • Available for Lease
    ItemSerial NumberModel TypeAvailability DateDOMLocationQEC ConfigurationTSLSVCSLSVLimiter
    1906358GE90-115 NowN/AMD Turbine, Miami, FLFull627411296446
    2906277GE90-115 NowN/AMD Turbine, Miami, FLFull22113206879
    3V12495V2527-A5NowN/AeCube, UKFull17567894242
    4V18975V2533-A5 (SelectTwo)NowN/ASebastian, FLFull0020000
    5V18916V2533-A5 (SelectTwo)NowN/AeCube, UKPartial2293122618774
    6779370CFM56-5B3/PNowN/ASebastian, FLFull001,844 (Fan Disk & Booster Spool)
    7779424CFM56-5B4/PNowN/AeCube, UKFull1839078932,200 (Fan & Booster)
    8779408CFM56-5B4/PNowN/AeCube, UKFull1362246551,547 (Booster Spool)
    10567309CFM56-5C4/PNowN/AMD Turbine, Miami, FLFull1287017883894
    11892483CFM56-7B26NowN/AMD Turbine, Miami, FLFull4211259317407
    12894366CFM56-7B26NowN/AMD Turbine, Miami, FLFull3896249717503
    13894382CFM56-7B26NowN/ASebastian, FLFull1917114118859
    14882A330-200 (80E)Now2007Sabena Technics, France (Nimes)N/AN/AN/AN/A
    15932A330-200 (80E)Sep-212008Sabena Technics, France (Nimes)N/AN/AN/AN/A
    16901A330-200 (80E)Now2008Sabena Technics, France (Nimes)N/AN/AN/AN/A
    175050A320-200 (V25)Now2012FL Technics, LithuaniaN/AN/AN/AN/A
    185089A320-200 (V25)Sep-212012FL Technics, LithuaniaN/AN/AN/AN/A
    195296A320-200 (V25)Now2012Sabena Technics, France (Nimes)N/AN/AN/AN/A
    205531A320-200 (V25)Now2013FL Technics, LithuaniaN/AN/AN/AN/A
    215794A320-200 (V25)Now2013Sabena Technics, France (Nimes)N/AN/AN/AN/A
    223570A320-200 (V25)Nov-212008EuropeN/AN/AN/AN/A
    233729A320-200 (5B4/3)Dec-212008Kuala LumpurN/AN/AN/AN/A
    244019A320-200 (5B4/3)Dec-212009Asia N/AN/AN/AN/A
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