Minimize your risk and maximize your opportunity

TrueAero has a growing inventory of lease engines and aircraft to support its increasing customer base.  With over $680M in leased assets we have earned our reputation as a trusted leader in the engine and aircraft leasing business.  At the core of our leasing business are Airbus and Boeing narrow and widebody passenger aircraft, and Pratt & Whitney and CFM engines. We offer high quality engine and aircraft with beneficial lease and management/support conditions that ensure minimum downtime for your engine, and/or responsive guidance through every aspect of the lease transaction.

TrueAero provides used mid to end-of-life commercial aircraft and engines for operating or green lease opportunities from our existing inventory and through sale and leaseback transactions. Due to the overall benefits provided, leasing an aircraft or engine can provide major benefits to our airline customers:

  • Limiting substantial capital investments for aircraft acquisition
  • Modify your fleet easily in response to changing market conditions
  • Protection from aircraft residual value risk
  • Focus on your core business: the operation of your fleet rather than aircraft ownership


Engine Model ESN Thrust Cycles Remaining Location
CF6-80C2B1F 702483 26,000 1,372 Miami
TRENT 892-17 51041 92,000 780 Sebastian, FL
GTCP331-500B P-1371 N/A N/A Shop
CFM56-7B26 890249 26,000 3,263 Singapore
A320-233 3570 N/A N/A SINGAPORE
CF6-80C2B1F 704523 N/A 3,342 UK


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