Choose a career worthy of you
Our Core Values
Customer Excellence
We strive to exceed the expectations of all internal and external customers. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are our ultimate goals. We make it easy to do business with TrueAero. We offer solutions and present ideas.
We encourage candid, well-meaning feedback. We proactively inform and never assume. Communication flows in all directions. We are open-minded and unbiased.
We work together to achieve our shared Vision. We are stronger together. We care for one another.
We are responsible for our actions and the actions of those around us. We take ownership of our objectives and commitments. We set and deliver on expectations.
Learning Mindset
We proactively seek continuous improvement through innovation. We become experts in our craft and share knowledge freely. When we are unsure, we ask.
Have Fun
Having fun promotes a positive work environment. We assist and support our Team. We have a sense of humor.
Who We Hire
Good People
You want to accomplish great things the right way. You have confidence without ego. You appreciate the people who have made your success possible and you enjoy doing what you can to make others successful as well. You treat people with respect, and you always sign office Birthday cards.
Team Players
You realize success is not achieved in isolation, and you think about your actions in the context of a bigger picture. You trust the person sitting next to you, and they trust you. You work well achieving goals as a member of the Team, and you celebrate the accomplishments of your colleagues.
Proud Aviation Nerds
You fit right in to our team of pilots, Air Force veterans, skydivers, aircraft mechanics, and industry experts. You may not be able to distinguish between jet engine models based on the sound they make, but you think airplanes are cool as hell and you want to be a part of this unbelievable human achievement.
You understand that we work in a complex industry that changes every day. You get fired up when you think about growing and learning as much as you can. You aren’t embarrassed to ask for help and you constantly seek new sources of information and new ways of thinking.
Problem Solvers
You don’t sit around waiting for things to get fixed. You relish the opportunity to fix them yourself.
What We Offer
Outsize Impact
We know that great ideas come from all levels of an organization, regardless of job titles, so we ask everyone on the team to speak their minds and we routinely include less senior team members in exec-level decision making.
Flexible Working Environment
We strive to provide a healthy work/life balance for long-term, sustainable creativity and job satisfaction. Whether that means working from home for a few days per week, shifting hours to accommodate the school day, or working remotely during a time of difficulty, we can make it work.
Travel Opportunities
We send our people to conferences, trade shows, career fairs, customer visits, and vendor visits all over the world.
Career Guidance
We have clear-cut guidelines for how you can expect your career to advance at TrueAero. We have official, bi-annual reviews and we provide constant performance feedback. You’ll never be left wondering where you stand.
Professional Development
In addition to offering online courses, everyone at TrueAero receives incredible professional development training through Launchpad.
Free tools for retirement planning, 4% matching, and access to financial planners (on us).
Health Benefits
Medical, Vision, Dental, Life. Nothing is more important than your health, so we make sure you have access to affordable, quality care.
Quarterly Bonus
When the company does well, it is the result of an entire organization working together as one. We all share in that success every quarter.
Competitive Salary
We expect greatness and compensate accordingly.

Open Positions