Investor Confidence
Is Our Biggest Asset

TrueAero Asset Management and TrueAero Asset Management Ireland offer a range of alternative and traditional investment strategies regarding leased mid to end-of-life aerospace assets for institutional and private investors around the globe. We provide our investors and financial partners with superior risk-adjusted returns including asset-based investing and portfolio optimization.

  • Portfolio lease management
  • Deal origination, remarketing, disposition
  • Purchase lease back options
  • Monitoring utilization and maintenance planning functions
  • Aircraft Check Management
  • Technical engine review and maintenance oversight
  • Professional management of maintenance performed
  • Reviewing airworthiness directive and OEM services bulletins
  • Ensuring all records and regulatory requirements are compliant
  • Monitoring incidents and damage
  • Engine shop visit management and consultation


TrueAero Asset Management focuses primarily on mid to end-of-life aircraft investments that generate stable cash flows throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. We invest in undervalued aircraft and parts that benefit over time from market volatility to strong, stable cash flows and attractive fundamentals while actively protecting against downside risk. TrueAero Asset Management takes an active approach to investing, seeking opportunities where significant value can be unlocked through capital restructuring, operational improvements, and strategic asset management.

We believe that tangible collateral and diversified cash flows provide a foundation of long-term investment value, as well as a platform from which meaningful growth can be achieved. In order to secure optimal investments, we take a flexible approach to sourcing and structuring multifaceted transactions. TrueAero Asset Management investments are focused on aircraft acquisitions in which we have specialized expertise. We believe that this focused, repeatable process gives us an advantage in valuing, managing, financing and optimizing cash flows.

Asset-based Investment

TrueAero Asset Management has significant experience investing in aircraft as well as aircraft leases secured by the underlying assets. In our view, asset-based investing provides a foundation of value against which investments can be underwritten and financed, and facilitates a broader range of exit alternatives. Asset-based investments with stable long-term cash flows can provide an attractive option for taking advantage of positive economic trends while avoiding short-term economic events.

Flexible investment approach

TrueAero Asset Management takes a flexible, opportune investment approach, and pursues a broad range of transaction types and structures in order to secure the best investment results.

Investing for growth

An important component of our investment approach is driving growth organically by sourcing and executing follow-on investments. Even after the initial assets have been acquired, TrueAero Asset Management seeks to produce ancillary income by optimizing maintenance reserves, packaging aircraft for remarketing and releasing and disposal assets.


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