We have perfected the art of aftermarket parts distribution

TrueAero focuses on the sourcing and supply of large commercial airframe and engine material and providing whole aircraft mid to end-of-life consignment solutions in support of Airlines, MROs, Leasing Companies and OEMs all over the world.  TrueAero currently stocks over 65,000 airframe and engine line items. Our expanding materials group is comprised of highly skilled, customer centric professionals that are backed by knowledgeable technical and records specialist who understand the quality and customer support required for you to purchase with confidence while remaining competitive.

Engine Parts

  • PW4000
  • PW2000
  • CF6
  • Trent 800
  • CFM56
  • V2500

Airframe Parts

  • A320
  • A330
  • A340
  • B777
  • B737


MSN-27730 – B777-200

MSN-27731 – B777-200

ESN-717620 – PW4060-1C


Part Number Description Condition Availability
1252-A-3600-02 Transceiver SV In Stock
3505788-8 Starter OH In Stock
HG2040AD03 SAARU SV In Stock
2780222-7 Ram Air Turbine SV In Stock
1333M85P02 No. 4 Roller Bearing OH In Stock
337-174-004-0 LPT 1 Nozzles OH In Stock
9373M53P05 LLP-LPT STG 3 Disk OH In Stock
9382M59P08 LLP-LPT Shaft OH In Stock
767146A IDG OH In Stock
442559 Hydromechanical Unit SV In Stock
1864M90P06 HPT Rear Shaft OH In Stock
1498M40P05 HPT Front Shaft OH In Stock
2080M81P01 HPT Blades OH In Stock
FMU800MK5 Fuel Metering Unit OH 30 Day Lead Time
964A0000-04 Flow Control Valve SV Lead Time
964A0000-05 Flow Control Valve SV Lead Time
55003001-21 FCOC OH In Stock
1782M89P06 Fan Blade OH In Stock
2255M24G07 Combustion Chamber Dome OH In Stock
2118834-100 APU Controller SV In Stock
HG2030AD10 ADIRU SV In Stock
HG2030AD33 ADIRU SV In Stock
HG2030AE22 ADIRU SV In Stock
488550-10-02 Actuator Control Elec Unit (ACE) SV In Stock


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